Data Centers

Data centers have become one of the most critical components of any new or existing facility. If your organization’s data center isn’t reliable, productivity screeches to a frustrating and expensive halt.

Xcel Mechanical Systems understands that precisely controlling operating temperatures in your data center is critical to maximizing the availability and performance of your I.T. equipment. Xcel Mechanical also understands that achieving this temperature control can be a major expense factor. In fact, the power required to cool a data center can sometimes exceed the power demands of the I.T. equipment itself.

We can help.

Our innovative engineers and project managers bring more than two decades of experience and project insight to design, build and install an HVAC solution that improves data center performance, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness. We can also trouble-shoot existing systems to help them achieve maximum efficiency.

Data Center project sites:

• Henry Mayo Hospital
• Jet Propulsion Laboratory
• NBC Universal
• The Boeing Corporation