Xcel Mechanical’s Ultra-Low EMR Rating Stands Tall in National Safety Survey

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Fewer than 15-percent of contractors who participated in a recent national survey reported a key safety indicator score equal to or less than 0.59, further establishing Xcel Mechanical as one of the safest mechanical contractors in the industry, reports Steve Prisk, company safety director.

The findings were published in the 2016 SMACNA Safety Profile / Safety Excellence Awards Program, prepared for the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association by the Construction Labor Research Council.

Among the report’s findings: The average number of reported injury or illness incidents, otherwise known as OSHA Incidence Rate, was 2.42—the lowest rate ever reported for the safety program. The average reported Experience Modification Rate (EMR) was .78, slightly lower than last year and the lowest rate in the past decade.

Xcel Mechanical’s EMR Rate of 0.59 is significantly lower than the reported average, “and points to increased awareness, a company-wide culture of safety reflected in our programs and practices, and extreme diligence on the part of our employees,” Prisk said.

In the construction industry, a contractor’s EMR can have a profound impact upon business. Insurance carriers use EMR rates to gauge past cost of injuries and future chances of risk.

A lower EMR rate means lower worker’s compensation insurance premiums charged to the contractor. Lower insurance costs means lower total overhead for the business, enabling the contractor to be more competitive in the bidding process.

“Most importantly, Xcel People are going home to their families each night. That’s really what our safety programs are all about,” Prisk said.

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