Date: May 16, 2017
Time: 6:30 – 7 a.m.
Location: Xcel Mechanical Conference Room
Description: Strategic Business Partner Presentation
Manufacturer: Viega
Distributor/Wholesaler: toddpipe
Product Line: ProPress, ProPress for Stainless, MegaPress
Product Catalog: Brochure
ProPress: The original press pipe joining solution, Viega ProPress provides a fast, secure method to join copper tube without flame. Perfect for plumbing, heating, fire protection or potable water systems, Viega ProPress offers more pipe fitting configurations than any other system.
ProPress for Stainless: Viega ProPress for stainless steel systems are suitable for industrial, commercial or residential applications. Available in high-quality grade 304 and 316 stainless steel, you can reduce downtime and increase reliability with Viega ProPress for stainless steel systems.
MegaPress: The only carbon steel press joining solution for hydronic applications, Viega MegaPress features a black EPDM sealing element and is suitable for use with ASTM Schedule 5 to Schedule 40 black iron pipe and NFPA 13, 13D and 13R fire sprinkler systems. With system-matched tools and jaws, connections are made in less than seven seconds, reducing installation time up to 60 percent with no threading or cutting oils.
Viega Presentation Highlights:
“Viega is ProPress”… More fittings and approvals than any competitor (see website for specifics)… Jan. 1, 2017 OSHPD Seismic Approved. “We pass 100% of the time, no competitor can match those results”… Smart Connect Feature… Sales Teams supported by robust technical/engineering team. “We’ll give technical presentations to your clients”… Engineering Team working f/t to get specified on more (upcoming) projects… Estimating and QuickPen.
Xcel Mechanical Highlights:
Our Operations Team is helping to drive the decision to partner with Viega. They’ve tested the product, and are happy with the results. Ops wants to standardize on Viega products, tools and training across the board – in our Fabrication Shops and on our project sites. Xcel brought Viega in to two important Aerospace projects, and we have more projects already on the books. Marketing is ready to promote the partnership. We are all ready to take the next step.
Next Steps:
Schedule follow-up meeting with Nathan to drill down on a formal/informal co-operative marketing program to include:
1. Fixed pricing on all Viega products purchased through Todd Pipe (already in place)
2. Possible rebate program based on annual sales
3. Possible price-lock guarantee on material for upcoming projects already on the books
4. Tools & Training
5. Co-branded co-operative marketing initiatives/ campaigns
David Carneal, Viega-SD:
Ben Hinton, Viega-LA:
Justin Good, Viega-OC:
Ryan Olsen, toddpipe: