Bell Ringers – Estimating Aims to Keep us Rolling!

Recent data is now proving out what company executives have been hinting at for weeks: Our company’s Estimating Team is as busy and is enjoying as much success as at any point in recent memory.

Bid-tracking software implemented here just under three years ago shows that over a 34-month stretch that ended March 30, our Estimating Team sent out an average of 34 new project proposals worth a combined $21.5 million, each month. During that same span, the team’ s average “hit rate” was about $3.5 million in new contracts per month.

But the following month – April 1 – April 30 – our Estimating Team landed new contracts totaling $5.3 million and secured and additional $5.1 million in “Intent to Award” notifications. In other words, our company officially or unofficially landed more than $10 million in new project work just in the last month.

“One month is not a trend,” said Company President Kevin Michel. “But considering what was going on in our country, our state, and our communities during this period, those are extraordinary numbers,” he said.

“I’ve been telling our people for weeks that our Estimating Team is as busy as ever. And because of that hard work, I predict that the rest of our company will soon be as busy as we’ve ever been. Pretty incredible.” 

When the crisis began, both Mr. Michel and Team Lead Matt Moloney figured they would be steering the team through what both men expected would be very troubled waters.

But in a story that is beginning to repeat itself, Xcel Mechanical somehow managed to get out in front of the crisis and maintain mission-critical Field, Shop and Office operations. The company now appears positioned to emerge in the weeks ahead stronger than ever.

In a small token to recognize the Estimating Team’s ongoing efforts to keep us rolling strong, Mr. Michel had a large (and loud!) bell installed near the team’s work area – for when the big jobs hit.

A company-wide shout-out to team members Matt Moloney, Vedas Ha, Mike Holt, Bryan Torrellas, Brian Michaud (project manager), Hannah Galipeau (project engineer), and Chris Miller (assistant project engineer).

“I’m looking forward to hearing that bell ring again soon,” said Jason Gordon, Vice President of Operations. “We’ve got some catching up to do!”