Xcel Mechanical will deliver a comfortable and healthy building environment with improved heating and cooling performance that is also more energy-efficient.

We can design and build commercial and industrial plumbing systems, including: domestic hot and cold water; sanitary waste and vent; natural gas; medical gas; compressed air; laboratory gas and waste; and process water and waste.

We can design, build and implement a variety of process piping systems, including: process cooling and vacuum; compressed air; stainless steel piping; stainless steel tubing; tubing for high purity applications; PVDF, PVC, and Polypropylene piping; and fluid heat exchangers.

Our Service Division can work with you on a customized preventative maintenance and service plan to keep your systems running, while extending the overall life of your mechanical assets. When emergencies do occur, our highly-trained, certified and experienced team of service technicians can respond immediately to help.

Pre-Construction Consulting
Xcel Mechanical can help determine the financial and environmental viability of your next mechanical, plumbing or piping project before the first drawing is commissioned.

Design Assist
Our engineers and construction professionals are routinely called upon to review and evaluate design plans submitted by independent parties. We then propose changes to streamline project delivery, enhance system performance, and reduce project and maintenance costs.

Design Build
Xcel Mechanical’s Design-Build project delivery model reduces overall project duration and cost by producing a highly constructible design while streamlining estimation, procurement and trade coordination.

Plan & Spec Construction
Our engineering and construction experts have the experience required to analyze, budget and competitively bid and deliver projects of any size.