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Design Build
The Objective
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems planned to add new capabilities to its existing Space and Electronics headquarters with its M4 High Bay Expansion project. But this Design Build project would feature unique challenges. Environmental pollutants such as dust, particles and vapors could disrupt or disable scientific instruments bound for space. Clean rooms and high bays have special systems and features to control these contaminants. The Northrop Grumman M4 Expansion project called for a Class 10,000 High Bay. During the design phase, our engineers would need to pay particular attention to air volume, air filtration, humidity and temperature control.
The Solution
Project design plans were released for bid and initial estimates came in about $1.5 million over budget. Xcel Mechanical then proposed modifications to the original design specifications that would lower the building’s volume of air requirement but still achieve the Class 10,000 High Bay standard for cleanliness. Lowering the volume of air requirement would mean smaller air handlers and less ductwork, a reduced power requirement, and less structural steel to support the smaller equipment. With Xcel’s proposed modifications, the project was re-bid and came in under budget.