xcn_Winning on the Inside

GARDENA, CA – Xcel Mechanical’s mission is the same today as when it all began, said Kevin Michel, company president.

“We build our business one satisfied customer at a time through our family of dedicated, highly-skilled employees,” he said.

“These are critical points. We started with one customer, and they are still with us. And that’s because our people are working together to make the magic happen. It’s really that simple.”

Externally, Mr. Michel—the company’s greatest pitchman—is working hard to position Xcel Mechanical as Southern California’s premiere mechanical and plumbing design-build contractor.

For those on the outside, it’s a compelling story. Consider for a moment the company’s impressive client list, project resume, vertical market expertise, safety record, vehicle fleet, and internal BIM and shop fabrication capabilities.

“But the story has always been about our people,” Mr. Michel said. From those who’ve been here from the beginning to those who joined us last month, he said.

“Change is constant in our industry. It’s everywhere, and can sometimes be unsettling. But what hasn’t changed is our collective understanding that every employee in this company effects the customer experience in some way,” he said.

“Understand your role, and that you are important to the overall success of this company. Consider how things around you could be handled better. You have a voice, and I value your perspective,” he said.

“JFK once said `things do not happen, they are made to happen’. Some of your colleagues are beginning to share their perspectives (see Page 2). We’d like to hear from you. We’re a team. This is our journey.”