Our Field Leaders Get It – Leadership by Example to Get the Jobs Done

Gardena, CA — With each new sizable project win comes the all-important question — who will manage the work? It’s a mission-critical question for both the office and the field.

“Our union craftsmen are the best in the industry. In fact, I routinely have clients call to request our Project Foremen by name,” said Jason Gordon, Vice President of Operations for Xcel Mechanical Systems.

“And because of our continued growth we have many new faces in our ranks. As a result, the role of the Field Foreman has become increasingly critical,” Gordon said.

“The Foreman is arguably the most important person on the project,” said Angelo Snedeger, Xcel Mechanical’s Sheet Metal Superintendent. “Take any job; they’re at the center of it. They’re out there every day with boots on the ground, dealing directly with the General Contractor’s onsite team, their own Project Manager, their own Superintendent, and other trades that are working onsite. Plus, they’re responsible for the overall safety of the jobsite, managing their own guys, and making sure the job has the needed equipment and tools. It’s an overarching responsibility for sure.”

Xcel Mechanical Piping Superintendent Wes Whittle concurred, emphasizing the mentorship opportunity and role that most Foreman understand and embrace.
“They’re the coaches of our future,” Whittle said. “They are turning out guys who are going to be here in 10 years. And, if those guys are here in 10 years, it’s because of their Foreman. I’m one of those guys. I was a first-year apprentice right here at Xcel. I had a good Foreman and that’s why I’m here now. Take that coaching. Utilize it. Be part of the team. Go the extra mile. That will go far with us. With the growth we’re experiencing, we need good guys. They are our future.”