Thriving in Acute Patient Care Environments Through Campus Command and Collaboration

LOS ANGELES, CA —  U.S. News & World Report ranked Cedars-Sinai Medical Center sixth on its list of the 20 best hospitals in the U.S., and second in the West behind only UCLA Medical Center – where Xcel Mechanical Systems also performs work. Xcel Mechanical has evolved over time from preferred vendor at CSMC to trusted partner to the general contractors hired by the prestigious hospital to complete one patient sensitive, acute care project after another. Our company’s success on this critical client site can be attributed to the understanding of the campus and the synergy and collaboration of our engineering, project management and field teams. “But at a place like this, it’s bigger than just the work,” said Jason Gordon, Xcel Mechanical’s VP of Operations. “We don’t always get to be a part of something that effects so many people is such an important way. This is a special place for sure, and our people understand that.”