Xcel Mechanical’s Response to COVID-19

National, state and local agencies have deemed most work in the construction industry as ‘essential’ to our country’s infrastructure and economy. We join our colleagues in the AEC community in an all-out effort to balance keeping our people safe and getting the work done.

To that end, Xcel Mechanical Systems has put in place a variety of protective measures to ensure the health and safety of our field employees, our office employees, our project partners, and customers. Measures that include:

  • Disseminated CDC guidelines designed to generate awareness, answer key questions, and to help decrease the spread of COVID-19 at home, school and in the workplace
  • Disseminated OSHA guidelines on preparing workplaces and jobsites for COVID-19
  • Encouraged all employees to practice healthy respiratory hygiene
  • Implemented strict enforcement of stay-home-when-sick policy
  • Implemented morning health screenings of all employees
  • Implemented comprehensive Telework program under which all office employees now work remotely
  • Increased routine jobsite visits and safety checks by our Safety Team  
  • Working to ensure routine disinfectant wipe-down efforts where our employees work
  • Eliminated non-essential visits to the office by our subcontractors and suppliers
  • Eliminated non-essential work travel and attendance at conferences, shows and training
  • Postponed all company events
  • Eliminated large meetings in the office. Limited offsite face-to-face meetings.

During normal operations, safety is the most important thing we do – whether on our jobsites or in the office. But during this unprecedented period, it is even more critical that our focus on day-to-day operational safety is heightened.

Our Operations and Safety teams are taking a personal approach to the CDC guidelines; visiting our jobsites and educating our teams on preventive hygiene measures for themselves and for the equipment and tools they use each day. And our field team leaders continue to place significant emphasis on social distancing and the 6-feet separation rule.

We are actively monitoring this evolving situation and will continue to comply with all CDC government requirements to do our part in looking for new ways to protect our project teams and their families from the spread of COVID-19. 

We are committed to staying on top of each new development and to being as proactive as possible in the effort to keep our teams and our communities healthy.