Office Re-entry Pilot Program to Begin Next Week

With this week’s news that L.A. County will begin allowing more public recreation spaces and local businesses to gradually re-open, our company’s Executive Leadership Team announced the creation of an Office Re-entry Pilot Program, designed to facilitate the return of a select few employees back into the Office while a larger and more comprehensive plan continues to take shape.

The Pilot Program will be small in scale but will include key elements of the larger plan, including employee temperature checks, face covering requirements, social distancing protocols, workstation sanitation requirements, and the now-familiar personal hygiene recommendations from the CDC.

Invitations will be sent to a handful of employees who have expressed interest in returning to the Office sooner rather than later, and who each represent a different business unit to ensure social distancing protocols will be easily met.

“Based on the results of last week’s survey, we know there are employees who would like to get back into the Office and who we believe will be safe and productive members of the Program,” said Kevin Michel, company president. “Some form of Telework is here to stay, but a safe return to the Office must also be implemented.”

The Pilot Program will include flexibility for other employees to visit the Office or the Shop when needed. Management will test and tweak the Pilot Program in the short-term to see what works before revisiting the idea of opening the Office to perhaps dozens more employees in the weeks ahead.

“Like so many other things in this company, we’ll start with a solid draft plan, and improve from there,” said Mr. Michel.

Just last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom began allowing select businesses across the state to reopen with modifications. The shift continues as part of a four-stage plan he laid out to gradually transition millions of Californians back to work. “We are entering Phase 2” Newsom said last week. “This is a very positive sign and it has happened for one reason: The data says it can happen.”

Earlier this week, it appeared L.A. County’s strict stay-at-home orders would be extended through July. And while the stay-at-home Order was extended indefinitely on Wednesday, local government officials said they will continue down the path of a gradual re-opening of public outdoor spaces, local businesses, and the larger economy.

“If our management team has learned anything while steering the company through this crisis, it’s that what we think we know today can easily change tomorrow,” said Mr. Michel. “And this week is no different.”